Data Science Career Program

Ready for a Data Science Career?

Year after year, the one profession that consistently ranks on top amongst emerging jobs is Data Science. Growing exponentially at more than 25% every year, Data Science finds increasing use in more and more industries by the day, with exciting applications such as self-driving cars, intelligent automation, and dynamic business decision support systems to show for. This is a growing profession whose demand in every industry and sector is increasing by the day.

Data Science is without a shadow of a doubt, a bright and promising career choice.

  • A 6-month intensive part-time program designed for outcomes
  • Project-based learning augmented by rich content
  • Bootcamp style classes run by empathetic instructors
  • Mentoring and support by industry veterans and TAs
  • Dedicated career services with profile building and resume forwarding support
Career Services
As part of the Data Science Career Program, we work with you to make the jump from the learning environment into the real world.

imageMentorship sessions with industry experts to ensure every student’s career-prep is on track

imageEffective interview prep with specialized courses and mock sessions

imageExpert assistance in building impressive resumes, Linkedin and Github profiles

imageProfile shortlisting and resume forwarding support across organizations actively looking to fill Data Science related job roles

Program Curriculum

1-2 Weeks Statistics and Linear Algebra

Inferential and Descriptive Statistics, Tests and Linear Algebra

3-6 Weeks Basics of Python

Basic coding etiquettes, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, OOP algorithms and Data structuring

7-8 Weeks SQL

Data handling, Joins, Database operators and Queries

9-13 Weeks Machine Learning with Python

Regression, Classification, Modelling, Model architecture

14-17 Weeks Deep Learning

Neural Networking, NLP, Unsupervised learning techniques

18-20 Weeks Git and Deployment

Code deployment, Version Control techniques, handling Repositories and Requests

Class: TBA

Price $3000

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact us for payment plan options.