Bias Flash Cards!

We have identified 54 biases we experience or demonstrate in our personal or professional lives. In order to help us learn these biases, we have launched our Bias Training Flashcards. The flashcards are available in both digital and physical versions.

Our flashcards can be used in bias training or as a takeaway.

54 Biases

Framing Effect


Outgroup Homogeneity Bias

Authority Bias

Placebo Effect

Survivorship Bias


In-Group Favoritism

Bandwagon Effect

Conformity Bias

Gender Bias

Likability Penalty

Intersectionality (Double Discrimination)

Horn Effect

Law of Triviality

Zeigarnik Effect

IKEA Effect

Ben Franklin Effect

Bystander Effect


False Memory

Pessimism Bias

Optimism Bias

Availability Heuristic

Defensive Attribution.

Just World Hypothesis

Naïve Realism

Naïve Cynicism

Forer Effect

Dunning-Krueger Effect

Automation Bias

Google Effect

Psychology Reactance

Confirmation Bias

Backfire Effect

Third-Person Effect

Belief Bias

Availability Cascade


Status Quo Bias

Blind Spot

Moral Luck

Clustering Illusion

Fundamental Attribution Error

Self-Serving Bias

Halo Effect

Performance Bias

False Consensus

Spotlight Effect

Curse of Knowledge

Choice-supportive Bias

Ostrich Effect

Maternal Bias


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