Developing leaders that will make an impact in their organization.

Welcome to Brooks Consultants, a pioneering female-owned management consulting firm that has been empowering organizations globally since its inception in 2012. With a formidable international presence, our company has garnered acclaim for excellence in the field and an unwavering commitment to driving transformative change across borders.

At Brooks Consultants, we specialize in several key areas, including talent management, organizational development, leadership development, and the critical domain of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). Our programs are meticulously crafted not only to inform but to catalyze profound behavioral shifts, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations we serve worldwide.

Our approach is rooted in a robust five-step methodology: Discover, Partner, Design, Execute, and Evaluate. This structured process ensures that every solution we craft is intricately tailored to address the nuanced needs of our clients, resulting in measurable and sustainable outcomes irrespective of geographic boundaries.

Recognizing the global nature of modern organizations, we acknowledge that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental principles that transcend borders. Thus, our work is underpinned by an inclusive international perspective, integrating our Diversity Architecture Framework seamlessly into every facet of our engagements.

We collaborate with visionary organizations that aspire to more than mere compliance checkboxes. Our partnerships are forged with those who champion results-driven approaches and appreciate the intrinsic value of investing in their people on a global scale.

Our Mission: To engage and cultivate talent, foster effective leadership, and deliver tangible, cross-cultural results that resonate.

Our Vision: To cultivate a generation of global leaders who will spearhead meaningful change within their organizations, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends geographical boundaries.


Our ManAGing Partner, LaKisha C. Brooks

LaKisha C. Brooks, M.Sc., M.Ed, CDP is the Managing Partner at Brooks Consultants, the former VP of DEIB at the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Diversity Professional, and a columnist for The DimEnsIons of Organizational Development: The Bottom Line of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 


She also serves as a Coaching and Mentoring Advisory Board Member for HR.com, advisory committee member for ATD’ OrgDev Conference, and a Master of Leadership of Science Administration Professional Advisory Board Member at Central Michigan University.


She is also an award-winning professional, being recognized as the 2018 Trainer Showdown winner for the Association of Talent Development Central Florida Chapter and being honored as a Top 100 HR Influencer in 2021 in Talent Management for Engagedly.


She has over 14 years of sales and management consulting experience and 20 years of public speaking experience. She has worked with companies and organizations such as Rheem Manufacturing, Flexport, Win Wastes, Papa Johns, Thor Industries, just to name a few.


She has also traveled internationally training global clients in the areas of leadership, management, diversity, and sales as a consultant for Krauthammer USA. LaKisha has also worked for the Adidas Group under the Reebok brand, managing field retail training.