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Handling Resistance to DEI Changes in The Workplace

Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) changes can be a significant adjustment for many organizations. READ MORE

The Progressive Way The Golden Girls Addressed Diversity

The world was recently heartbroken to hear of the December 31st, 2021, death of beloved and groundbreaking actress and comedian Betty White. White’s death brought plenty of public attention to her seven-decades long entertainment career accomplishments. READ MORE

Finding and Hiring Employees with Disabilities

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it became illegal to discriminate against people because of a disability in 1990. Although many Americans who are considered disabled are available to work, many find themselves overlooked for positions they are capable of doing. READ MORE

Building Cross-Cultural Sensitivity in Your Organization

Cross-cultural sensitivity is more important than ever in today’s increasingly multicultural workplace. It is possible that the one thing every employee will have in common is that they are multicultural. Nationality, ethnicity, gender, or local geographic location may immediately come to mind. READ MORE

Four Must-Have Diversity Training Topics for Your Organization

Many organizations are actively at work on meeting their diversity and inclusion goals. While there are a number of topics that should be covered in order to effectively train a corporate team in diversity, there are four must-have topics to include. READ MORE

Eliminating Bias in Recruiting

If it is your organization’s goal to hire the best and most capable candidates for your open job positions, then you must prioritize diversity. Prioritizing diversity means understanding how beneficial it is to have people that work for you that are different from each other. READ MORE

Making Employee Wellness an Organizational Priority

Does your organization consider employee wellness a priority? If not, you’re well behind the curve. In the recent past, there was a time when employee wellness only mainly comprised of medically based healthcare. READ MORE

How Bias Creates Limitations in the Workplace

Bias is an inclination towards a particular outlook that is usually based on prejudice or subjective judgment. READ MORE

Managing High-Quality Talent Experience and Retaining Talent

The talent experience begins with the recruitment process and ends with the employee’s exit. These points of engagement, and every moment in between, influence how your employees will regard your company. READ MORE

Preparing For the Great Resignation

According to CNBC’s make itfour million people resigned from their jobs in April of this year. In June, another 3.9 million people quit their jobs. If that is any indication of the dynamic effect that the pandemic is having on the job force, then brace yourself because… READ MORE

Managing Multi-generations In Your Organization

There are five generations active in today’s workforce, including Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. This means that your organization is likely to include employees across various ages and generational backgrounds… READ MORE